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Practical Fashion Must Haves

Yes, looking fabulous is the end goal, but why can’t you also be comfortable in what you’re wearing? SPOILER: You can!

Here are a few keepsakes you need for your closet to keep you feelin’ yourself while you also feel like yourself:

Your fave pair of jeans

Nothing can beat out the most perfectly broken-in pair of jeans. The kind of jeans you don’t have to take off at the end of the day. Jeans that are divine for brunch, a good cup of coffee with a friend, and a fun date night out.

When shopping for this pair of jeans, it may behoove you to find a brand with a little give in the waist and a little more flare in the leg. This will allow for a little wiggle room while you watch another episode or grab an extra slice of cheesecake.

Some joggers

If someone told you that you needed to find a multipurpose pair of chinos, you’d probably roll your eyes. But cinch the ankles on those chinos and all of a sudden, they’re flying off the shelves of every store. It’s the truth! Joggers are just chinos with a tapered ankle.

They’re roomy, great on every body type, and they’re comfort’s answer to utilitarian clothing, WHICH, when you live in an apartment with a closet fit for a hermit crab, is KEY.

Trendsetters have proved that joggers are an easy piece to dress up with a nice sweater or dress down with a hoodie. All that room leaves all the space you need to express yourself!

Active Wear Joggers - Ella Payne Collection

The coziest sweater

Speaking of sweaters, you need an Ole Reliable. No, not a ratty old sweater that has more pilling than design or smells like your dear Aunt Delores’ closet. We’re talking about a go-to, soft but fashionable sweater.

One sweater that makes you feel the same way fresh soup smells. When you’re looking for this unicorn of a sweater, remember that material is paramount. You’re not shopping for something that doubles as a dish scrub. Pick something you can layer that breathes to maximize your cute fall clothing options.

Colorblock, turtleneck, wool, polyester, one with a big llama on the front… Doesn’t matter! If you love it, it’ll love you back.

Pro tip: To keep sweaters from pilling, turn the garment inside out and remove promptly if you put it in the dryer. But also, try not to. Laying your sweaters flat to dry keeps them from stretching out.

Cozy Stylish Sweaters - Ella Payne Collection

Stylish sneakers

Yes, they exist nowadays! No more paying the piper for needing to choose between your look and how you feel. (Unless you still choose the insufferable flats that have blistered you time and time again, that’s between you and your feet).

Sneakers aren’t just for fitness gear. They’re great for cute outfits on busy, travel-heavy days.

Pick a pair of sneakers with a strong tread and a neutral palette to get use out of them with more outfits, or go wild with a fun print to liven up your new favorite footwear.

Fashion is for YOU to express yourself to the world. It’s the unspoken conversation you have when you go throughout your day. When you’re comfy, you’re not thinking so much about how you look and it reads as confidence.

Stay comfy, stay fabulous, stay YOU-nique!

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