Mom Was Right: 5 Reasons to Plan Your Outfits In Advance

Mom Was Right: 5 Reasons to Plan Your Outfits In Advance

Snuggle time

Let’s make it simple: Most people enjoy a little bit more time in bed in the morning. Scroll on your phone a little, check your emails, read the news, and mentally prepare for leaving your meticulously-purchased sheets behind.

You deserve it.

Stay nimble

Give yourself a break, you’re so busy! You’re getting ready to run a marathon or save the planet or solve world hunger or just survive your semester. Whatever it is, you’re too busy to spend precious minutes in your morning doing anything that isn’t sipping coffee while you answer a work call AND meal prep AND do yoga simultaneously. You’re such a rockstar.

So creating the perfect outfit ahead of time helps you stay on your toes. Maybe your work meeting moved from Wednesday morning coffee to dinner on Friday, it’s so much easier to swap out your shoes and add a blazer for Friday’s look than to start from scratch while you’re flustered in the moment.

Your pals want to go for a walk around the park after work today? Instead of scrambling to build an outfit from the ground up, you’re just packing sneakers and a pullover into your work bag as you hustle out the door. What a pro move!

Rig laundry roulette

Don’t play yourself about whether or not you have clean socks for tomorrow. Never assume you have clean undies. Plan your outfits down to the soles of your feet and the bareness of your bum.

When you have a white pair of pants planned out, they’ll be useless if you only have a hot pink thong in your intimate drawer. It’s the clothing equivalent of crossing your T's and dotting your I's.

With the outfits laid out in front of you, you’ll also be able to assess what you’ll have to wash and what still has some wears left.

Pro tip:

Washing clothes after every wear isn’t great for the fabrics or the environment! Of course, please continue to wash soiled pieces. Stay conscious of your consumption, but stay clean.

Weather meltdown no more

Weather people aren’t always spot on, Mother Nature is unpredictable. When you plan your outfits in advance, it’s easier to make tiny, last-minute changes. Also, prompting yourself to check the forecast is a great habit. Knowing that you have a clean sweater to wear with your leather leggings on a 55-degree day or a halter and some high-waisted shorts for a 87-degree day will set you up for the respective pumpkin patch or the beach.

Hair wash day blues, buh-bye

For those of us that abide by a semi-regular hair wash routine, planning your outfits ahead of time also helps hair wash schedule concerns. When you know that you usually wear your hair up in certain looks, keep those outfits for days where your hair has a little extra texture. A little extra oil is even more chic when tied up in a ballerina bun with a well-planned button-up with that chunky necklace you just bought.

This just becomes part of your routine and the benefits are quick to quantify: Time saved, tears avoided, and raindrops dodged.

What we’re really trying to say is: Thanks, Mom.

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