5 Must-Have Pieces

1- Neutral Body Suits

Bodysuits are obviously a must in everyone’s closet but if you had to choose, go with a neutral color. It could be white, black or nude (of all 3) either way they go with everything so you can’t lose. 

2- Black Dress

Everyone heard the term Little black dress. It’s not nothing. Everyone needs one, it’s your go to when you don’t know what to wear, going to a formal event or out to the club. Either way that dress is there for you! 

3- High Waist Mom Jeans

Let’s start with who has heard of the TikTok

Viral quote “skinny jeans are dead”

Well at first I was a little sad but now I’m like who wears skinny jeans anymore? High waist mom jeans plain or distressed will be the only jeans you will go for and not to mention, super flattering for any height

 4- Faux Leather Shorts

Well jeans shorts are fun but the real statement piece is in faux leather. Try to stay with dark green, dark brown or black, so you can get the most wear out of them before everyone realize that you keep wearing the same shorts because they are amazing.

You can dress them up or down and stay casual! You can wear them in the summer or fall with some stockings!

5- Nude Heels

If you don’t have any pair of nude heels in your closet how do you even live? No but seriously, it is so IN right now on top of being able to wear with every and any color or pattern. Get you a pair with maybe clear straps so you can wear them with your statement pieces that are sometimes very hard to find shoes to go with!  

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