Will high-waisted jeans ever go out of style?

You’ve probably heard that fashion always comes back around, we saw it with scrunchies and butterfly clips. But do some things have the wherewithal to simply stick around?

More simply: Will high-waisted jeans ever go out of style?

High-waisted history

The look originated in the 1940s when women were allowed into the workforce during World War II. Skirts and dresses weren’t quite the look in fields and factories, and the high waist kept the look more modest to keep up with social standards of the time.

As jeans became more fashionable in the ‘50s, the hise-rise look stuck because of its almost universally flattering fit.

Not even the modesty of the ‘60s couldn’t squash the va-va-voom of the high-waisted jean. Trendsetter of the time, Marilyn Monroe, rocked a pair with a tucked in shirt during her role in Misfits and we’re still seeing the look 60 years later. You may be sitting there reading this not knowing you’re paying homage to this icon.

The ‘70s bell bottom popularized high-waisted pants for everyone, but it wasn’t until the ‘80s that the midriff-concealing jean peaked. Not only were people hiding their belly buttons, they were now doing it in different washes than ever before, helping the look permeate through the fashion landscape like wildfire.

High-waisted here and now

If you’ve ever shopped in the women’s section, you know that there’s very little “one size fits all” garments. Generally, you’re stuck trying to figure out what flatters your unique, beautiful shape. A short answer to all your needs: High-waisted jeans.

The long answer, there’s a cut, length and shape of high-waisted jeans for everyone: For our short readers, you’re best suited for a petite boyfriend cut. Petite fits help avoid fabric bunching at the ankle which further shortens your look.

Have you ever been compared to an apple? You’re going to love a super fitted, skinny jean with some tummy control technology.

Long legged beauties should look for a wide-leg jean to accentuate your length. Since taller figures aren’t easily swallowed by drama, get as dramatic of a leg as you please. For curvier figures, love your body in some skinny jeans. Every part of your bottom half has the right to be hugged and appreciated.

If your body can keep time, stick your hourglass into a pair of straight leg high-waisted jeans. For babes that are built a bit straighter up and down, love your proportions in a bootcut. The flare will give the illusion of more curves.

Of course, comfort is key. Wear whatever makes your smile the brightest.

High(-waisted) hopes

No one can see into the future, but taking a look at the past and present, high-waisted jeans and pants seem to have dug their even-higher-heels into the fashion world.

Their ability to be paired with a cardigan for a cozy look or spaghetti straps for a sexy look, you can dress them down with sneakers, up with booties, and still feel like your body is being worshipped by your pants.

When your strength is making people feel amazing about themselves, you can bet you’ve got a shot at sticking around for the long haul.

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